Eye examination and procurement of matching glasses

During our visits to Uganda, we discover again and again that our godchildren and many other people have major vision problems. In the region, qualified opticians rarely and custom-made glasses are very expensive. One of our club members is a trained optician. When visiting Uganda, he examines many poor and needy people in the region. If necessary, he issues a regulation, on the basis of which, in Germany, with the support of IGA OPTIC e.G. in Datteln as well as the optician Klaus Hogrebe in Recklinghausen a suitable glasses is created. On the next visit to Uganda, these glasses will be adapted and handed out. With this method, anyone who needs a pair of glasses will get customized glasses. The delivery of gifted glasses does not work well. It usually leads in the long term to even greater visual disturbances.

curious children in the eye measurement
… measuring the eyes
… student with new glasses
… teacher with new glasses
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  • End of projectongoing
  • Investment by donations10.000 €

The aim is to help children, apprentices, doctors, teachers and nurses to have an optimal view, so that they can learn better and / or do a good job.